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The Best Dental Care to Visit and Receive $50 Gift Card

OpenCare is The Best Dental Care to Visit and Receive $50 Gift Card. Easy to found a great dentist. Technology helped to schedule and keep informed.

Quick answer. Received a call as soon as you booked an appointment and sent you reminders by text or mail. Great referral. Close to home and friendly service.

Discover how this platform can help you like never before. Get a Demo and complete the live demo.

As a millennial, love being able to book everything and ask questions via text. Makes for a quick and easy experience. Referral bonus doesn’t hurt. OpenCare is Good way to find a dentist close to home.

Be your own Tooth Fairy. Visit a dentist & get a $50 gift card. Find my Dentist.

Great service, friendly staff and very informative. Everyone was very nice and made you feel comfortable from receptionist to dentist! Have never liked going to the dentist, but this office really made your experience great!

It was great! On timely appointment and the doctor was helpful. You will connected with the Best Dentist. Amazing. Highly Recommended! Booking an appointment was Hassle free. 

Easy tool to find your dentist near you. The process was very smooth. Highly recommended. Looking forward to a greater smile!

OpenCare is a wonderful platform where you get to choose the dental services according to your preferences and schedule. The coordination between the patient and dentist is also handled by the Opencare team nicely.

The Best Dental Care to Visit and Receive $50 Gift Card is Amazing

Would definitely recommend this platform. Friendly staff and amazing service. Great experience, reasonable and affordable price for students.

Doctors and associates are very nice and professional, help you remove wisdom teeth quickly without pain. Such an easy process, and you found the best dentist as a result – super happy!

Weave has an app which makes it super convenient to still be connected when not at the office. Weave integrates pretty closely with your dental software (open dental).

The appointment was smooth and transparent in providing the details. They followed up regularly and sent reminders before the scheduled appointment and provided with all necessary information at the right time.

The usage of both options were also clearly indicated upon the customer’s redemption wherein the virtual card option can only be used online or through retail mobile apps and the physical card option can be used both in-store or online.

They gave the customer the freedom to choose between the two options. The customer had then used the card for a transaction successfully as well.

Unfortunately, the decision on switching a virtual to a physical card or any form of replacement is no longer under Opencare’s jurisdiction but rather, it is our gift card provider’s. 

The Best Dental Care to Visit and Receive $50 Gift Card is Responsible

However, they’d like to clarify that the full FAQ on the card usage has been indicated on the redemption page to as well upon redeeming the reward.

They believe that it is also the responsibility of the customers to read the information presented. It is never the intention of Opencare to not disclose this information to their customers.

It was a hassle free booking experience & the doctor along with her assistant were very cordial and did made you feel comfortable.

Explained all doubts that had regarding your dental health & would love to recommend to any of friends & neighbors who wanna have a good experience regarding their dental care.

Very great experience and dentist was amazing. Would recommend everyone to use OpenCare too book their dentist appointments.

Easy to use! Found a great dentist super close to home! Haven’t been to any dentist in a long time but now have one you love! Great service.

Both Of the clinic was awesome the staff are friendly and the dentist was so cool and most of all Opencare give you Visa credit.

Easy to find best dentists near home. Best practitioners in the list with high ratings and services.

OpenCare connected you to the best rated in-network dentist. Their website is very user friendly and their customer service is excellent.

Exceeds Expectation

Dr. was extremely professional and welcoming. During experience was able to deliver thorough feedback that made you feel comfortable and trusting in their work. Highly recommend this place!

The staff is friendly, professional and make going to the dentist’s office a pleasant experience. So glad that you used Opencare.

Wonderful service. Excellent care. Prompt and courteous service. Easily booked and placed you enthusiastic a great dentist. 

Good service. Friendly team. It’s convenient to use to find new dentists if you don’t have a family dentist already.

Easy to use and the Dentist was a very good fit for you. OpenCare was awesome and kept everyone calm and got the teeth clean without tears!

It’s an easy and fast way to find a dentist. Easy to use and great selection of clinics. It was easy to find a dentist that offered services for yourself and to your family who has extreme dentist-anxiety.

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