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The Only All In One Text Messaging Service

Buy Simple Texting to get The Only All In One Text Messaging Service. Send mass text alerts. Provide customer service. Create automated campaigns. SimpleTexting’s powerful text marketing features let you do it all.

Join thousands of business owners doing Online Marketing like you and see how they make growing your business online through The Best Tool for Advertiser using Multiple Platforms in one Dashboard.

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There’s a reason that Fortune 500 companies, small businesses, nonprofits, healthcare providers, churches, and other organizations use SimpleTexting to reach their audiences. It really works.

SimpleTexting makes it, well, simple. And with our mobile app, you can even manage your efforts from anywhere. Text message marketing isn’t just our job. It’s our obsession. 

Simple Texting provides Text Message Marketing and SMS Solutions that are Simple, Affordable & Effective! Whether you’re developing new features or providing customer support on weekends.

The Only All In One Text Messaging Service is Great Product and Amazing Service

You’re always working to create the greatest text marketing platform the world has ever seen. Oh and you’ve made it super easy to use. No special tech skills needed. Just jump in and start using text messaging to reach your customers.

The ease of use is unmatched. You will use the program for high-volume recruiting and being able to send messages quickly is essential!

You receive more responses and returned contact through texting than email. Set up templates for your most commonly used messages.

And it’s helped your efforts immensely! Also can’t say enough great things about the customer service. Their chat assistants respond in minutes, provide comprehensive solutions and are always positive.

Purchase Simple Texting is a great tool to use for recruiting. It’s especially handy if you have multiple team members so all of the messages are from the same number and stored in the same place!

Use the program for recruiting or other businesses. You’ve noticed that many of your potential candidates don’t check their voicemails and don’t respond to emails very frequently.

Seen great improvement in returned calls and initiated contact through the ability to offer texting to the candidates.

Love how easy it is to create keywords, add contacts and create and schedule campaigns! Subscribers can text you back with their orders for the week. The new recurring campaign feature is a real time saver!

The Only All In One Text Messaging Service Has Everything You Need to Connect with People Wherever They are Through Texting

Simple Texting has an easy-to-use dashboard and is an excellent way of reaching your audience wherever they are. This is by far the best mass texting service you ever used.

Start Texting Free sends out a text before you ever do so that it never sending it to someone without their permission. Also love that you can immediately respond to texts when someone replies to your mass texts.

Solving many problems for your clients by using SimpleTexting. Specifically, using SimpleTexting for a minor league baseball team. Able to announce to all the games and tell loyal fans when there are special deals available.

The most helpful aspect is the live chat option when needing to find something asap. The response time is so fast and the system is so user-friendly!

It is so user-friendly, easy to set up, and customer support is the best you have experienced in a long time.

As a technology non-profit, we use SimpleTexting to engage with the community that you serve and to collect additional data.

At USH, your Client Experience team utilizes text, emails, social media, and phone to connect with the individuals you serve.

Using digital automation and machine learning, Your Full Cart support site recognizes, understands, and answers general inquiries.

The integrated use of these technology platforms enables USH to consistently maintain our goal of one-touch communications being at or above 90%, and two-touch communications being below 5%.

The Only All In One Text Messaging Service.

Your Business Can Use Texting

The ease of use. The templates especially help! And love the pricing structure. It is flexible for your needs.

Recruiting replies. People will apply for a job and then never respond to an email or answer calls. This allows you to give basic info to give them an opportunity to reach out.

It is simple and allows them to respond on their timeline without opening up their email. And if you choose to move on, it limits their access to spamming your devices.

Is you organization needed a simple texting partner to help your all-volunteer staff? Then this is the perfect solution! The customer support is fantastic.

Your members have given positive feedback on having this new tool available. Being able to segment your lists so you only reach those people who want to receive texts is super important.

No one wants to receive a text or email who didn’t ask for it! Every time you have a question about how to achieve the desired communications result.

The support team at Simple Texting is always ready to give you options on how to make it happen. Have never had to wait for more than a few minutes in chat to talk to them even on the weekends.

The user interface is good and easy to use the service. Very intuitive and easy to use. It delivers on what the name promises simplicity. The price is also good, and the discounts for nonprofits are great!

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