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The most Powerful Marketing Automation?

Marketing Automation Software. Grow your business with powerful marketing automation. Capture leads, deliver successful email.

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After, I had a choice between a number of A/B testing tools and decided to go with Freshmarketer as it had some nice features and allowed cross domain testing.

After, using the tools for over a year it has just been getting better and better. Afterward, new tools have been added such as session replay & personalization which was at the heart of our Black Friday campaign this year.

At last, I highly recommend Freshmarketer to anyone who needs a powerful all in one UX optimization tool.

Before, the personalization & A/B testing tools are really powerful & the customer support is excellent.

What is the most Powerful Marketing Automation? This tool has displaced optimizely x and hotjar for us for the following reasons.

– Earlier More affordable

– Immediately, Can heatmap single page apps/forms

– Later, Can detect most forms on the market better than the likes of formismo for analytics with custom event fires

– Meanwhile, Delivers an enterprise feature from Optimizely for add custom attributes to test user on split testing.

– Did I say more affordable?

Currently, this is our ONE tool that can do it all for qualitative and quantaitive insights on our CRO program.

During, thanks Freshmarketer (formerly known as zarget) and I hope to help provide you further feedback to continue making your product better for us and the world.

Dynamic single page app heatmapping, form analytics better than anything on market and custom attributes for split testing.

Connect and Collaborate to Global Influencers on this platform as follows;

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