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What is the Best Video Marketing for Businesses?

Sign up for Free use personalized video emails for messages, demos and sales pitches. Get 8X better engagement. A video marketing platform for businesses. What is the Best Video Marketing for Businesses? Own your entire video marketing funnel using this Video Best Tools.

Above all, be inspired to own and make your brand popular with similarly like Amazon, Ebay, Lazada, Shopee, Aliexpress, Banggood, Berrylook, Cupshe, GeekBrains, Knowfashionstyle, Magzter, Milanoo, Newchic, NiceOne, TheMomsCo., TVC Mall,

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Earlier, Hippo Video is a cloud-based video CX platform by Lyceum Technologies Inc, Newark, Delaware.

Since its launch, Hippo Video has managed to acquire over 1 Million users before launching the latest video CX platform.

Hippo Video is built for the needs of your Sales, Marketing, and Support teams enabling them to humanize communication thus allowing to have REAL engagement with your prospects and customers.

It has more than 1,000 mid and large business customers globally including the likes of Panasonic, Freshworks, Chargebee, Tailwinds Transportation, Essilor, Clarify Med, etc.

I own and run a small business in the home improvement sector.

What is the Best Video Marketing for Businesses? With Hippo Video I’m solving several problems.

1) I’m able to not only do what was once done on the road, now selling from my office. But I’m able to provide a more robust and streamlined bid package in the process as well. It’s not just quicker and easier, it’s better.

2) My prospective clients are able to have a convenient pitch for their project. Particularly relevant during COVID19, but going forward as well.

Contrary to popular belief, not everyone wants 2-3 strangers walking through their home for a half an hour each every time they have an upgrade they’d like to make.

3) I’m inspired to make my sales process about personalized valuable content instead of glad handing and advertisement.

There’s much backend work needed to develop this level of workflow. But Hippo has the perfect platform to educate buyers while giving them easy access to all materials in one landing page. Where they can also see my face, hear my voice, and feel my energy.

Other Best Tools you can use and it can help you

These are some of the Best tools such as: Powerful Marketing Automation, JungleScout, Spocket, Freshteam, Deliverr, HippoVideo, Freshchat, Quickbooks, Freshservice, SurveySparrow, Forms on Fire, Freshsales, and Covid19 Prevention used World Wide.

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