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What is the Best Tool to Manage all your Tasks?

Buy Anydo over 30M people rely on this tool and easy to use app to manage all you tasks, events, reminders and more. What is the Best Tool to Manage all your Tasks?

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This app is great to stay organized and accomplish all your tasks.

Anydo, They define it as a virtual agenda. They like that its design is elegant and comprehensive. It provides us with the facility to define and schedule tasks.

There is a sync feature to help me work from everywhere. It’s fun and helpful when they receive in time, a notification on their phone, reminding their of a task they created a different gadget sometime ago.

Creating and dividing tasks into various groups date wise for better management is the best feature offered by Anydo. Similarly, it also reminds me timely about my pending tasks before the due date.

Collaboration with the team is very easy now. We can assign, manage and give and take feedback for assigned tasks to achieve goals in shorter span of time.

Anydo is a cloud-based task management application that offers a diverse range of features alongside its availability on multiple platforms e.g web and its native apps on an android iPhone, etc.

They bounce back and forth between Todoist and Anydo. They use Todoist for work and Anydo for personal projects and side projects, that is, moonlighting.

They’re both excellent apps but Todoist is less interactive while Anydo really is that app that talks to you and encourages you to get things done.

What is the Best Tool to Manage all your Tasks? It helped my focus tremendously and also helped me keep from panicking.

The web app and the mobile app are quite different. The web app just got an overhaul and They’re not sure what they think of it yet.

It’s also less interactive than the mobile app. They make a comment about that in the cons.

The mobile app has a couple features that make it ideal for users who need a little push to get things done. The Focus feature is unique to the mobile app.

When the notification bar pops up with one or more of your daily tasks, you have the option to tap the focus button which takes you to Kanban timer.

You work on your task for an allotted number of minutes and then take a break. Then start again. That’s the Kanban method.

They once built a website quickly using this method when I was in an environment with a lot of distractions.

The mobile app also allows you to easily review your daily tasks, snooze them, or mark them as done. They find the mobile app to be far more useful so far than the web app.

And of course the mobile app is oriented vertically and the web app horizontally. The later They’re not that fond of.

This makes a difference in terms of UX but which one you prefer is obviously personal.

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