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The Best Tool to Hire and Get an Applicant Faster

VivaHR is The Best Tool to Hire and Get an Applicant Faster. Your supercharged hiring platform. See why their feature set is revolutionary and unique.

Modern recruiting software to hire great employees! Source & Attract Qualified Candidates. Get Started

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This is the most innovative HR software on the market today and makes it easy to post your jobs to 50+ Job Boards with just one click, and you’ll get the best results possible.

There system makes it easy for candidates to apply whenever they’re ready. They can quickly apply on their computer, tablet, or mobile device.

VivaHR generates a job posting URL that you can circulate to partners, current employees, and even friends and family. Getting the word out has never been easier.

When it comes to hiring, don’t underestimate the power of social media. VivaHR makes social sharing easier, which might mean the difference between a fast hire and a no hire.

The Best Tool to Hire and Get an Applicant Faster is Best to Evaluate Candidates

With VivaHR, you can create Candidate Questionnaires for each job opening. One of the easiest and most effective ways to find great employees is by making a high-quality candidate questionnaire.

They know you’re busy. With VIVAHR, you can send thoughtful, on-brand emails and avoid being spammy. With our customizable templates and bulk email functionality, you can send as many as you need to without having to think too much about it.

VIVAHR is the perfect ATS solution for small to medium sized businesses. Get a software to post jobs and manage candidates on day one. Built to simplify your hiring experience.

There are several items you love about this tool. The thing you’ll love the best is the email templates. They have built out over 20 email templates to allow communication and next step emails with each candidates journey through the hiring process.

Take advantage of the free trial. This is where you fell in love with the tool. This one was by far the easiest to use and you could imagine your employees using it more than the others.

Hiring is a challenge right now in the industry. Your biggest challenge is getting quality candidates to apply for your jobs.

The job posting experience is beautiful. Very easy to use and has everything you need at your fingertips to make it a wonderful experience.

There are several convenient tools to make the process quick and painless. This tool is not needing a separate vendor to onboard or setup.

The Best Tool to Hire and Get an Applicant Faster is Simple Hiring Solution

Hiring is an essential part of that growth. You will love your time using VIVAHR. It’s that easy! Start with a free job posting to 50+ job boards. Average new customer has a job live in 6 minutes.

Usually, your department managers are left to post jobs on their own. With this tool they have been able to centralize the hiring, give each hiring manager their own login and allows for convenient team collaboration.

One important element that was our decision breaker was the interview scorecards. If you are a huge fan of consistency. With the scorecards you can make sure each candidate is getting rated and compared in a similar fashion.

VivaHR’s dashboard makes it easy to see what is happening in your hiring process. It provides real time data on resumes, scheduling interviews, and reviewing applications.

Very easy for your team to quickly collaborate on candidates to see who meets the right criteria for the position. When it comes to reviewing the candidate, the layout was so clean.

You did not have to click around to find anything, it was all laid out right in a perfect view. Whoever build this software had a good understanding of the hiring process. Well done.

A great tool that collaborates and provides the templates to support your recruitment process. Then customize the tool to fit your process.

Great Applicant Tracking Software (ATS)

The VivaHR support team will help you self setup. They were very good to work with. They have a tech support chat open m-f and have been very quick to answer questions and give feedback about best practices in job posting optimization. This alone, was well worth the switch.

You will really enjoy using this tool. You published your job, you could see it appear on dozens of job boards. Got alerts of new applicants within a couple of hours and had narrowed down your top potential employees within 48 hours.

That was a record for you. Posting a job online was super simple with VivaHR. When you get into a jam and not know the best practices in recruiting, your VIVA-Mates were right there to assist!

Very easy to use. and you will glad you came across VIVAHR.

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