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The Best Tool to Attract and Hire Great Employees

BreezyHR is The Best Tool to Attract and Hire Great Employees. Modernize your recruiting process with Breezy! End-to-end recruiting software to attract & hire great employees with less effort.

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Central tool that helps to organize all hiring needs by the firm. The tool is used specifically by your department as you have a lot of turnover and need hiring all through the year.

The tool helps you have a strong pool of talent at any given time for us to move forward quickly with our search for new candidates.

Good tool to post jobs and eliminates the need to manually re-post jobs in different job boards. With a single click your able to post jobs to multiple posts including career sites with universities, etc.

The Best Tool to Attract and Hire Great Employees is the Best Human Resource

One feature that would be good to have is to get some help or insights while writing job descriptions. For example, for marketing roles. It would be good to have some templates for specific roles that can help the job poster in creating the job description.

It is important to emphasize that Breezy HR is a software that fulfills features both in terms of recruiting operations and job interviews, as well as human resources tracking.

Which gives you an extensive and complete service. Which does not need to include any other area in its portfolio to be able to manage the job properly.

It makes high performance analysis of all resumes sent to your platform. So that it evaluates, through artificial intelligence tools.

Which are the best options that have been presented so far and with which you could get better results. In terms of employment, or which have important health conditions.

Breezy HR makes it possible to make reference checking for each candidate a quick process. Requiring nothing more than the contact information of those references.

And that information can be automatically stored within the platform. So that in the event of a problem, it can be used as an emergency number.

Breezy HR fully manages human resources internally. Which makes the work of HR managers much more minimized. implementing artificial intelligence functions to know which are the best performing employees.

Who could be prospects to be promoted to higher positions and which are not working well.

The Best Tool to Attract and Hire Great Employees is Great Software for HR Departments

You are pleased that Breezy HR meets its usability features so well. As demonstrated when performing employee tracking schedules.

The usability of the service is so good that there are no problems working from different platforms. As the results can be kept equally extensive.

The technical support team provided by Breezy HR will met your expectations for quality of service. As they have been able to accommodate your situation.

And provide us with quality solutions, which means we will continue to communicate with them to resolve issues.

Working with many employees at the same time would be the perfect scenario to let you test all the potential that the Breezy HR platform has to offer.

Since its organizational capacity is large enough to be able to organize and coordinate the attendance and absence information of many workers without losing track of the job.

Reviewing documents where data is needed about each employee’s behavior. Including their daily attendance hours. Tracking of all the absences they have taken since starting at the company.

And comments about their potential, which would be excellent for reporting during promotional seasons. The management of many employee lists through database services.

Which thanks to the platform’s adaptation to cover external service software operations such as Microsoft Excel. Means that it is possible to import employee databases when moving information from a storage platform.

Breezy HR is your become favorite tool for HR. It has advanced features and has been really helpful for your HR department. 

Great HR Talent Acquisition Platform

It saved time that you initially spent in posting job ads. Also it helped finding the right candidates that are real people. You like the graphical view about the number of applications.

And how many candidates the view job post. It is also very simple to sort the applicants with the software. The interface is easy to use and looks nice.

Majority of the company uses Breezy HR as part of their employee and contractor hiring and onboarding process. Their Human Resources department is the main user of Breezy HR.

And they have had a lot of success in attracting and hiring qualified candidates through this tool. It has really streamlined your hiring process significantly.

Because the success rate is very high for filling open positions and everyone is using the same platform so all of the workflows are tracked and consistent.

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