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The Best Tool for Work or Project Management

Paymo is The Best Tool for Work or Project Management. A work and project management software for small and medium businesses. Web Design & Development firms. Creative Agencies. Software & IT Services. Marketing & Social Media or Business Consultants.

Above all, the convenience that paymo offers you to keep track of your projects and pending tasks is undeniably amazing.

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Earlier, you can also save all the documents related to a single project and identify the folder to make it easy to find for everyone. And finally you can see in real time the project that everyone is working on which allows you to optimize the workflow.

In summary, project tracking is very well optimized. Thanks to paymo you have been able to dedicate less time to secondary projects and focus on the most important ones.

You can prioritize the most important tasks in your control panel so your associates or workers will know which task to finish first,

The Best Tool for Work or Project Management is Practical and Easy to Use Interface

Similarly, the main focus of the app is helping teams with collaboration, timesheet management, project accounting and it basically allows you to manage projects from start to finish:

– split projects into task lists and tasks and assign them to your employees or co-workers

– track work time at the office or on the go via mobile apps

– keep everyone involved in a project up to date with what’s happening through discussions

– create customizable static and live reports and track business performance

– store all the files related to the project – so everyone can access them, anytime

– visualize your team’s work, eliminate bottlenecks, and reduce the idle time in your projects

– keep track of time spent on all computer activities and allocate that time to projects

– track expenses, generate estimates and invoices for the client and get paid online

– with milestones, the team knows when major project stages are due to be completed

– save projects as templates and use them when you need to create a similar project

Accordingly, Paymo is a leader in managing and creating invoices and time tracking. You really like these two features because it allows you to break down work by tasks and work more easily throughout the day.

Sending invoices is only a few clicks away and you like that Paymo has all work organized by Gantt Charts, making it fast to understand all the information and get started with work easily.

The Best Tool for Work or Project Management is the Invoicing Tools are Powerful

It has also allowed you to optimally organize your time and skills. You have been able to better organize your way of working and thus obtain a better performance and be able to follow up on your daily activities.

Paymo is fast, intuitive and saves a lot of time with invoices. You like that it has many features that would otherwise use in separate apps, such as time tracking and invoices, which are the main tools you use Paymo for.

You feel like Paymo has helped with all the workload and made everything easier to digest. The software tracks all the information you need for running consulting business in a logical and efficient manner.

This is great for tracking and billing time, tracking expenses, and task management. It’s very easy for you to track time and see what has been billed, paid, or not invoiced.

Use tags to assign tax categories for each of my expenses to simplify tax preparation at the end of the year. The accessibility to the Widget is great!

You can easily track time from your desktop bar without having to open a new window tab every time.

You are able to have multiple people/users track time on the same project at the same time. Also can use time reports to easily give proof of your hours to your clients when billing.

Great Tool

You love Paymo’s UI and its ability to track time and create and send invoices to clients. Sometimes manage tasks there too and it’s been an incredible experience to organize and work with Gantt Charts.

Think that if you’re looking for a software that will allow you to manage tasks, projects, invoices and tracking time without having to pay for each app separately, this one’s for you.

Using Paymo for its time tracker and then found out about its invoicing options and it was amazing. Handling everything billing-related digitally has been really great for your time management and overall work environment.

Sometimes work on personal tasks with the app too and it’s wonderful. The clear design. Intuitive tool. Very user friendly. Has all features which are needed in Project Management work.

The client can see the project progress. And you can control the budget, designers can log their hours, I can create the reports – is one place where I can follow the designers work and where the client can follow the project progress

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