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The Best Tool for Real Estate Investors

Realeflow is the Best Tool for Real Estate Investors. A dedicated to building innovative tools for Real Estate Investors that generate leads, assess deals, and manage their transactions.

Their real estate investing software gets brand new investors up and running quickly while providing powerful tools for those running established and growing real estate operations.

Organize, manage, and grow your real estate investing business with Realeflow. Start investing in real estate, no experience necessary.

Realeflow is amazing! It is seamless and plays such a critical role in all aspects of our business, from development to closing the deal.

Over 100,000 investors have used Realeflow’s all-in-one software to start and grow their real estate investing business. Start FREE Trial

The training was excellent and explained in a very simplistic way. Realeflow is a fantastic business resource for real estate investors.

There are so many different aspects to the program from business and property management to managing properties to marketing tools at the click of a button.

Customer service is always fast and friendly. Every time a reach out for help it has been very easy and on time. Makes your learning and moving forward quick and looking forward to a successful turnout. 

Start to use this program and just love it. It has so much info without you looking for it. Start FREE Trial

The Best Tool for Real Estate Investors is Realeflow

For all Real Estate Investors, especially newbies, the Realeflow software and training is an incredible bargain. They share their decades of knowledge through the training videos, templates and amazing Ai software.

Prompt, polite, professional and patient. New to real estate, but realeflow has been extremely user friendly and help so far!

Highly recommend Realeflow to anyone looking to begin a Real Estate Investment career and to those experienced Investors looking to get to the next Level.

The integration and AI technology has made searching for and finding properties easier and more profitable than ever before.

Very comprehensive system and extensive training included. They are always expanding their product. If you are looking for leads and a system for managing your real estate investing, then Realeflow is for you.

It is owned by real estate investors and attorneys who know the issues of Real Estate investing, and make a product that helps manage the details.

Leads for pre foreclosure properties to buy and flip or rehab. The ability to have all of you lead generation and marketing tools in one platform is good.

Internet marketing. While limited it provides a good basic way to create and automate your lead generation and follow up emails

Realeflow gives you the tools you need to build and manage a successful real estate investing business so you can live the extraordinary life that you were meant for. Start FREE Trial

The Best Tool for Real Estate Investors is A Good System

It helps generate and follow up on leads, analyze potential deals, and assists with planning renovation projects. Essentially, this is a wholesaler’s dream.

The entire Realeflow platform is built around a CRM. This allows investors to easily:

  • Download filtered lead lists to effortlessly contact sellers, buyers, and lenders
  • Use automated direct mail campaigns to convert the leads
  • Identify and analyze promising opportunities
  • Market the properties on custom websites

Using Realeflow starts with downloading names, addresses, and contact information for motivated sellers. Seller searches are filtered by local area to keep the number manageable, or expanded to cover the entire country.

Property types include single-family residences, condominiums, townhomes, multi-family, apartments, mobile homes, and land.

DealAnalyzer can analyze the profit impact of different buying and selling scenarios, including financing options and holding times. This can help suggest financing and exit strategies before purchase.

The tool guides the walkthrough to make sure investors inspect the property thoroughly. Hammerpoint then creates quick estimates, including labor and materials.

Realeflow next helps users analyze properties to identify the most promising ones. Using the system, wholesalers can quickly contact owners with offers. Start FREE Trial

Great Features

Next, users find private lenders who might want to fund the deal. Then they can easily send out pre-written direct mail requests to potential lenders from within the program.

A rehab estimator lets users assess the likely costs of repairs and renovations. After purchase and renovations, the program helps attract cash buyers or renters, then provides documents to help close the deal.

This is where Realeflow shines, and for good reason the entire platform is built around this product. Want leads? Leadpipes delivers, and then some.

At its core, LeadPipes is a search engine used to identify motivated sellers. It also supplies leads for potential buyers and lenders.

Highly recommend taking advantage of this software. Leads can be filtered geographically, and also by county, city, ZIP code, and street address. 

Leadpipes looks at the deed, mortgage, and legal data to find its leads. It may include square feet, lot size, year built, number of beds, and number of baths.

The company it can tap more than 100 additional data points on properties to inform buying decisions.

Highly recommended. Start FREE Trial .

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