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The Best Tool for Marketing Automation

Maropost is the Best Tool for Marketing Automation everything you need to Grow your Business. Simplifies customer engagement with a unified email marketing platform that connects companies with their customers at every step of their journey.

Discover how the this platform can help you grow your business like never before. Get a Demo.

Above all, Maropost’s on-demand digital marketing platforms help you turn prospects into clients by ensuring delivery of targeted messaging to the right contact at the right time.

Easy content builds, lists, tables and segments. Deployment in a snap. Their customer service is incredible. Never waited in a queue for longer than 3 minutes. They help quickly and if they can’t they bump it up to someone who can. Get Started with a FREE Trial.

Providing a single customer view. Maropost creates personalized experiences across any channel for better engagement and higher conversion.

Pairing white-glove service with industry-leading technology. Maropost makes customer engagement easy.

Reporting is great. Us, as well as our clients, like the quick export of reports and the metrics we are able to view. That plus working on popups, forms, journeys all lead to me really enjoying this platform.

Earlier, the email delivery rates are outstanding. Looks like it mostly reaches the primary inbox. In a very practical way, its interface has a very striking, powerful and simple design that allows its use to be fluid from the beginning, 

Similarly, their customer service deserves a special mention since they are quite efficient when it comes to solving any inconvenience that arises while using this application.

Accordingly, in the same way its functionalities in the area of ​​digital marketing deserve 5 stars, since they provide excellent service in every way.

The Best Tool for Marketing Automation is Best of the Best

Mainly its platform, it has a fairly simple design, but at the same time very powerful that allows to carry out email marketing campaigns.

Especially, in a fairly simple way and without major complications, more than those of the same design of the same strategy in question.

In the first place, the catalog of functions and automations that they have in the field of digital marketing is quite powerful and complete.

Singularly, which allows me to perform several functions within the same platform without major problem, it has personalized shipping functions that allow me to configure the group of people.

It has been very useful when it comes to managing digital marketing campaigns in a more optimal way. Specifically speaking email marketing campaigns, and thanks to this application.

Can configure several tasks that allow to advance in the achievement of the goals set when planning strategies. Journeys allowed to build hands-free campaigns

Engaging consumers through multiple campaigns and journeys. You needed a platform that would allow the ability to pass data into a platform and trust that it would efficiently segment data in an actionable way.

Favorite thing about Maropost is its ease of use. Any issues can be quickly addressed by their customer service. Maropost allows to make the most of customer data to target specific goals such as tiered rewards.

It provides power for different data collection from several channels, great segmentation, analytics and the web visitors tracking ability is another best thing with the product.

Maropost comes with a powerful features which enables the users on performing serious operations through this tool.

Amazing product with many features for performing various operations and it helps on sales improvement through different ways as well as communication enhancement.

The Best Tool for Marketing Automation has Great Interface

Maropost is the management system for responses, contacts communication and very good on data discovering and it provides its users with video content and workflow triggering via API flows very nicely.

Easy tracking of different web visitors. Communication and content management. Marketing. Campaigns That Reflect Your Hospitality. Get Started.

Being able to target in on our most active customers, based on how recent they’ve been added to the maropost platform and/or purchased.

Plus Maropost makes it easy to add and edit html content to communicate with your buyers as much as you do, usually twice a day sometimes more and to different segments.

Been able to connect buyers into list on Maropost to create automatic campaigns to further communicate, monetize, and support your customers.

Also, it takes a while to set up segments based on uses who clicked certain emails over a time range. Because to create that segment, you have to go in and figure out who clicked on each email in each campaign.

And then go back to delete campaigns and criteria in the segment so that you can keep these clicker segments updated with recent clickers.

The customer service. The Maropost team has been by your side since day one helping implement new strategies. Increase our inbox percentage.

And just listen to your feedback. Not to mention the product just works you really can’t go wrong when choosing Maropost!

The setup process is lengthy take your time and make sure to leave ample time for experimentation. As mentioned above, the content builder is not intuitive, so would not anticipate hopping right in and making an email in one fell swoop.

Maropost has been able to solve all of your email dilemmas. The Best Tool for Marketing Automation.

Great Customer Support

Working with Maropost from the start was a breath of fresh air. Yes, it takes a bit of time to learn the platform and get everything setup and established.

But, after that learning curve and implementation time the payoff is far improved deliverability. If you’re someone who protects your email reputation and expects your delivery rate to reflect those efforts than Maropost is the solution.

There are quite a few features you cab use (campaign automations, custom segments, behavior based lists, etc.) and many you don’t. There’s a lot of flexibility and power.

Email deliverability. Managing multiple email lists and segments. Higher open rates and engagement. Their support staff is incredible.

They are there every step of the way, no matter how many questions you have, or how detailed or technical the questions are, they will always track down the answers!

The pricing is not for faint of heart. But if you have a solid email list then you could possibly make that up right away because of the bump in deliverability that you’ll see.

Deliverability is key and Maropost provides it out of the box. Instant boost in deliverability and overall improvement in email strategy. So get better inbox placement. Because if you’re not in peoples inbox you can sell anything.

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