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The Best Tool for Call Tracking

CallRail is the Best Tool for Call Tracking and more to bring complete visibility to the marketers who rely on quality inbound leads to measure success. Their customers live in a results-driven world.

And giving them a clear view into their digital marketing efforts is a first priority for CallRail. Above all, you see the opportunities in surfacing and connecting data from calls and forms.

And beyond helping your customers get to better outcomes. Earlier, easy to implement and integrate with existing apps, excellent UI, user friendly. Competitive pricing.

In summary, CallRail account manager Brooke Veal and her team were very supportive and patient when we were porting 300+ store call tracking number.

Product works well. Support is available and interface is easy. Similarly, As comprehensive and advanced as it is easy to use. Excellent customer service. A great product to help track your marketing calls. Start Free Trial

Singularly, very happy with the UX of this product and good price. Great support digital marketers should be using callrail. CallRail is crushing it! Love their support. Love their product.

After, great service will continue to use and recommend to others. Finally, A powerful tool and great way to track your inbound leads and tie their performance to your Google AdWords campaign.

In the meantime, Callrail provides your company with what all agents consider to be the highest level of customer satisfaction you can experienced. So then, Highly recommended. Start Free Trial

The Best Tool for Call Tracking and Employee Training

Every interaction was handled with precise answers to every questions, then followed by verification of satisfaction each time. Customers are quite pleased and satisfied with Callrail.

CallRail is here to bring complete visibility to the marketers who rely on quality inbound leads to boost success and sustain growth.

CallRail leads-focused analytics platform brings clarity to our customer’s digital marketing efforts. They work within their existing workflow.

Their platform is powered by a team of passionate and hardworking leaders and contributors. They put your customers first and are dedicated to working on what makes sense for them and doing that well.

They have the answers, we’re the force multiplier. Help you improve their spends quickly and provide tools that are beautiful, intuitive and helpful.

How easy it is to use the platform and to pull data reports. The recorded call feature is might your favorite, though. Quality & customer service training of employees has improved significantly using CallRail due to the recorded call feature.

Recommend CallRail if you want to be sure your customers are being promptly taken care of and that staff is following your company’s procedures for optimal customer service.

CallRail for tracking where your phone calls are coming from for better marketing spend tracking and to optimize your return on investment. Start Free Trial

The Best Tool for Call Tracking and Employee Training is Fantastic Technology

Has a new form tracking feature and have not utilized yet but definitely, will be doing so in the future. CallRail is a great product.

The company work for also had already made the switch to using CallRail prior to onboarding in early 2020.

It was easy to learn how to use and implementing the tool and would definitely recommend you check it out for your company.

Callrail for clients that you do websites and manage their online Google Ads and Facebook advertising. How Callrail replaces the phone number on the website based on where the traffic comes from.

Because of this you are able to track the performance of all online advertising in one spot, and report it accurately to the client, so they can see their adspend.

Whether the traffic is coming from Facebook or Google Ads or organic searches on search engines. You will know that for each call.

This has allowed you to keep track online advertising expenses more closely and to understand what is working and what is now working.

Previously you were not able to track calls that came from an online ad, unless you asked the customer. Also, really like how all the calls are all recorded. Start Free Trial

Excellent Tracking and CRM Integration

This allows you to listen to the calls later and to make suggestions to those who are answering the phone. Overall using Callrail has proved invaluable to your clients.

Callrail has a very clean and easy-to-navigate dashboard. Integrating it into a WordPress website is as easy as installing a plugin.

The form tracking feature is beneficial and can gather leads from all your forms on your website. Tracking calls from different link sources makes it easy to keep an eye on how various campaigns are doing.

CallRail is undoubtedly one of the easier-to-use call tracking systems on the market. It can be deployed very quickly with either a simple line of code or through a plugin on WordPress.

And you would recommend CallRail to anyone who needs a quick and easy-to-use call tracking system. With multiple websites, CallRail helps you to track calls from each website.

Instead of using one phone number across all sites, you can have unique numbers on each to identify the source of the calls and respond appropriately.

CallRail has been a invaluable resource for yourself and to your clients. Highly recommended. Start Free Trial

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