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The Best Tool for an All-In-One Digital Marketing Automation

Factoreal delivers an all-in-one digital marketing automation platform that empowers marketers to build lifelong engagement with their customers. The Best Tool for an All-In-One Digital Marketing Automation.

Above all, they bring together email marketing automation, social media marketing, paid marketing, customer journey automation, e-commerce integration, and personalization & segmentation into one simple, connected platform.

Discover how the this platform can help you grow your business like never before. Get a Demo.

In summary, the learning curve for picking up Factoreal and making it operational for the team is really quick. Within about 30min you can have an automation built-out and your company’s profile totally configured to your liking. Similarly, create your account. Start FREE Trial.

Accordingly, Factoreal offers: Engagement: Mobile Push Notifications Web Push Notifications Email Ecommerce Store Integration SMS Website Tracking Twitter LinkedIn Instagram Facebook Landing Pages & Forms Customer Journey Automation Cross-channel campaigns Personalization.

Especially, Product Analytics: Multi-layer Segmentation Email Analytics Ecommerce Analytics SMS Analytics Campaign Analytics Journey Analytics Social Media Analytics.

In the first place, An omnichannel marketing automation platform, delivering journey automation, channel coverage, and budget control.

Now, they’re able to see a clearer view of the entire customer journey, from where they found you to what marketing materials they’ve viewed to what they’ve purchased.

Singularly, Factoreal’s email marketing system is very easy to use, coming from someone who is not very experienced with graphic design.

An All-In-One Digital Marketing Automation

After, it’s really helped you hone in on what’s working, and what marketing assets we should focus on. Factoreal has really helped your team consolidate customer profiles.

Before Factoreal, they had all of their customer information scattered across different platforms. Finally, now you can see where customers are finding you (i.e. social media, your website, etc.), and what marketing materials they are interacting with.

In the meantime, you’re now able to see a more complete customer journey, which is something haven’t been able to do in the past. So then, Factoreal’s website tracking has also been a huge addition to your marketing efforts.

Afterward, the Factoreal team was really helpful setting up the system, and helping resolve any questions that you had. In this case, the team has continued to help you along the way as mature operations and processes.

Incidentally, really easy to use platform; modern and nice look and feel. Also, the development team is great at responding to queries.

For instance, the platform simplifies the way you connect with your client base allowing better communication and tracking.

Subsequently, the team at Factoreal is great to work with, and the demonstrations were in-depth. Amazing customer support, great app, and it’s a perfect blend of reliable features and price.

Easy to setup, navigate, and implement without needing a consultant or a lot of tech know-how. Highly recommended. Start FREE Trial.

Wonderful Automation Platform

Factoreal, lets marketers choose from a wide range of pre-built, ready-to-use templates that help them to get started with their use cases in a matter of minutes. 

One can easily analyze commerce data, create rich and highly targeted audiences, as well as setup automated journeys that drive higher conversions.

Factoreal customer journey builder lets them take control of how they want to design their specific customer journeys and fine tune them.

You can publish and schedule content to the right channel at the right time, track effectiveness in real-time, and crank the volume of your top performing content.

It offers the ability to unite and manage all the social media channels and business pages and drive cross-channel campaigns. 

Factoreal is built to integrate with most other solutions with ease and can focus on things you do well. And at the same time work in tandem with legacy systems as well as other business critical tools. 

Today, Factoreal delivers to ecommerce, sports and healthcare. With pre-built journeys and templates for those industries.

Factoreal helps you understand where your fans are. What your fans need and where they are on their journey to meet that need.

Earlier, built for every marketer. There are plenty of ready-to-use automation workflows that a marketing practitioners can use to kick start their marketing journey.

Helped you automate communication. Grow your customer base using hyper-personal targeting. Highly recommend it.

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