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The Best Tool for All in One Payment Platform

Plooto is the Best Tool for All in One Payment Platform and trusted by thousands of small businesses, accountants, bookkeepers and firms. It provides end to end Accounts Payable and Accounts Receivable automation. The Best Tool for All in One Payment Platform.

Discover how this platform can help you grow your business like never before. Get a Demo and complete the live demo.

That provides greater financial control and simplicity by unifying payments, approvals, reconciliation and reporting. It works amazing and ease to use and would never go back to your manual process.

Very convenient to manage payments approvals and wires. Easy to use and support is always very quick and helpful. You will recommend Plooto to all of your clients looking to automate payments. Get Started for FREE.

The dual online approval works very well. Great software, easy to setup, and your vendors well very happy get their money put directly into their bank. You will love the integration between quickbooks and Plooto.

Makes Accounts Payable, payroll and fee transactions so much easier. Very good app, services offering, integrations and support. If you have paid hundreds of thousands to suppliers, saving lots on bank fees and untold hours of admin effort.

Good support experience when we have questions. Overall, you will be happy with how everything else works and automatically loads to QBO. Makes payment life much easier.

It is simple and allows to keep vendors happy. The approval process is amazing and can be tiered to meet the needs of a larger organization with multiple signing authorities.

The Best All in One Payment Platform is Plooto

They have been there before, trying to find the most cost-effective way to send and receive payments to and from vendors across the world and falling back on banks.

The worst part? Your payment processes can become very inefficient and daunting. That’s where Plooto comes in, combining your payments and processes. Excellent platform makes small business finances just so, so much easier.

Best bill pay system for approving payments, integrating with QuickBooks, and still getting classic features like mailed checks as well as ACH direct deposits and email money transfers.

See details on the bills before you approve them by adding attachments to your bills in QuickBooks that are easily viewable in Plooto or manually uploading them.

After, they post your journal entries directly to your accounting platform and check your bank feed to make sure daily deposits match.

After testing many many bill pay systems that integrate with QuickBooks Online, this one will be your favorite and handles the bill pay needs for the majority of your clients. The Best All in One Payment Platform.

This system works great. Very easy, well organized, and cheaper than cheques by mail. It feels secure. Plooto has a pretty good interface. Get Started for FREE.

Plooto has certainly helped us from a workflow perspective. It’s pulling your payables from your Quickbooks or Xero account into Plooto so you can see all the payables that you need to deal with and when they’re due.

Plooto has been great for that purpose

And there’s a whole bunch of approval processes you can put in place for internal controls perspective so make things a lot more bulletproof than just manually writing checks and doing e-transfers.

So you can currently do pre-authorized debit, pre-authorized credit receivables in U.S. dollars and Canadian dollars which is super kick-ass.

It’s also made some of your clients lives a lot easier if they’ve got clients in different countries, and it gives their clients flexibility to pay in debit or credit.

Also, as far as the amount of time it takes for that cash to clear your bank account; it’s faster than Stripe, and on top of that the integration with Quickbooks makes it a lot easier to manage the fees, unlike Stripe.

In terms of pricing, the package is advantageous for most of your clients. Some of the tiny ones would spend less on regular bank fees but the convenience still makes Plooto a good option.

The interface is clean and user-friendly. Your clients love the signing authority tiers. It can process both bank or credit card payments for receivables.

Plooto synchronizes with QBO pulling in all unpaid bills. Paying suppliers is done. Simply by ticking the unpaid items particularly if you have set up the supplier in Plooto with their banking information. 

Plooto Integral Software for Accounting

The software also helps in confirming whether the bank information being provided is valid or not. So easy to use! The PAD feature has improved my cash flow.

It has automated one of the most painful parts of running an accounting firm. Your clients love to do their own Receivables, Payables and CRA payments using Plooto.

Just a few clicks and there are adequate checks and balances features to ensure accountability and security.

Everything is also easy to use and transparent. The fact that it’s on the cloud means everyone who needs to access it can without having to be at a particular terminal or computer. This feature alone increases financial transparency.

The software is easy and intuitive to use. No training is necessary. The software links to QBO so there is no need to re-enter invoice details and when the client approves the payment, your accounts receivable is automatically updated.

Easy to use payment solution. One of the best out there. Integration with Xero is top-notch. The Best Tool for All in One Payment Platform Plooto. Highly recommended.

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