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The Best Tool for Ads using Multiple Platforms

Adzooma is the Best Tool for Ads using Multiple Platforms in one Dashboard. An award-winning digital marketing platform that helps businesses of any size grow by making online marketing easy.

Online Marketing, join thousands of business owners like you and see how they make growing your business online through The Best Tool for Ads using Multiple Platforms in one Dashboard.

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Above all, their all-in-one platform helps you set up, manage, and optimize your Google, Facebook, and Microsoft advertising campaigns all in one place.

Adzooma’s AI is very smart and gives great recommendations on the account. And it’s great that their team is actively working to improve and add more value.

Their SEO reports are really good too, actually better than a lot of SEO software platforms. Highly recommend to check out Adzooma. You will found the value to be highly profitable and time saving! Sign up for FREE

The Best Tool for Ads using Multiple Platforms in one Dashboard is the Better Time to Use Now

Think there has been a better time to use Adzooma than now. It continues to evolve with efficiency and optimization tools now to dramatically help meet the ongoing challenges of PPC marketing.

In summary, they automate most of your workload, so you can focus on running your business. Similarly, packed with all the tools you need to grow your business.

Adzooma gives you a crystal-clear view of where your online marketing is right now, then provides personalized checklists to help you drive business growth.

This software feature is packed and don’t see yourself using the other ad platforms in future. One dashboard is what you are looking for FB and Google ads.

Great product. Simple to use but with powerful recommendations that can make a real positive difference to your campaigns. Excellent Product & Great Customer Support.

Great tool for saving your time and money nowadays, that is key for your business. Can’t wait to learn more about it. The Adzooma platform is robust, clean, and fast to pick up on.

The opportunities tab shows where you can quickly make meaningful change. Your Happy to be a subscriber and happy to continue praising the AdZooma folks!

Fantastic tool that saves time and maximizes return on ad spend with first class support as well. A big shout out to a tool that is shockingly free. Sign up for FREE

The Best Tool for Ads using Multiple Platforms in one Dashboard is a Big Shoutout

The user-interface was easy to get set up and attached to your paid search accounts. The company, generously, decided to offer it for free throughout the pandemic.

It’s faster, their new reporting features, their automation features that you haven’t even tried yet. The recommendations are mostly helpful for those who don’t have decades of experience in paid search.

What you really like are the cross channel reporting functions. It is a lot easier to log into one platform and see yesterday’s spend and revenue across many accounts than to log into Google and Microsoft separately.

Adzooma provide a fantastic, and free, PPC optimisation tool for companies who want to better manage their Microsoft, Google and Facebook advertising campaigns.

The dashboard and report sections are stuffed with incredible insights which help you to improve the ad-performance significantly.

Very supportive and customer oriented person. In terms of results, they are increasing continuously. Always respecting your budget and no doubt that in mid- and long term, the results will grow even more.

Great platform to help manage multiple PPC accounts. It’s made a real difference to managing and optimizing accounts quickly with the recommendations and automated rules.

The support from the Adzooma team is great too and you had a couple of one to one sessions to help navigate the platform which has been really useful. Absolutely recommend Azooma! Sign up for FREE

Great Asset

Adzooma has been a great asset to your marketing campaigns. The platform has saved hundreds in un-necessary ad spend.

Adzooma is great, you can see all ad accounts in one place and setup automations to tell when things aren’t going great. Highly recommended.

Excellent and great tool! It helps to improve the performance and save lot of time! So would recommend this great solution to anyone!

With education built into their platform, you can gain expert knowledge and grow your business with marketing playbooks and easy-to-follow videos, all while running your campaigns.

Earlier, by leveraging innovative machine learning and data science, their platform pinpoints what drives online business success to make sure you get the most out of your advertising campaigns.

Using the tool saves time and money and provides clear reports and suggestions on how to improve. Would advise getting in touch with them to explore how else they can help your business!

Super tool, It reduces a lot of manual work to optimize google ads campaigns. Effective, simple but knows all Your needs. Adzooma saves many hours, helps to learn the best practices. Sign up for FREE

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