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The Best Software for Call Center

Cloudtalk is The Best Software for Call Center. A user-friendly cloud-based phone software for sales and support teams.

CloudTalk helps companies deliver first-class customer experiences, resulting in the growth of their profitably. Used by 1000+ happy customers from companies as DHL, Electronic Star or Kärcher.

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To achieve this, CloudTalk provides more than 50 advanced calling features. Thanks to seamless integration with the favourite tools (such a CRM, Helpdesk, or e-commerce platforms, etc.).

CloudTalk is a great solution for small teams who want to have a solid VoIP solution, integrated with their CRM.

The concept is great, an internet based call center and phone management system is a fantastic idea on paper. The ability to use employees phones to route incoming calls would allow a company to operate around the clock across different geographic regions.

The Best Software for Call Center is Cloudtalk

CloudTalk manages your phone systems, call routing to support and sales staff as well as automated call answering, routing, messaging etc.

Great to set up a business phone account, with call routing. You can add IVRs and other business-type phone system functions.

The soft phone app seems like a great idea, and their IVR menu layout is one of the better ones available on the market.

It’s hard to tell what you like best, because so many good things. Running a global company like maybe most, that you can get local numbers around Europe.

Use Norwegian, Swedish, German and Russian numbers. To get all these numbers from one platform is great. The of course the extremely good and quick service is to mention.

That you see every missed call and don’t loose any lead. Communication is the best in this company. They often check on you to see how you are doing and provide excellent customer service.

If you currently need an international phone number with good pricing and speed, this is the one. Need an American phone number and got one with cloudtalk which made it easier to connect with your clients.

The layout of CloudTalk is the absolute winner. It is effortless to use, and you can purchase new phone numbers through the site and get them quickly.

The Best Software for Call Center Has a Very Nice Layout

It only took a couple of hours to get phone numbers set up and working. The platform comes with a nice app for windows, mac, and also mobile devices, which is great for some of your customer support agents who don’t use a physical IP phone.

It’s a fantastic product to use in the upstart phase of the business. Currently don’t have the capacity to set up your PBX service now cloudtalk works great because it seems to be made to be simple to use.

There is very little you have to manually set up, if anything. It gives seamless switching between your phone numbers. The backend is very customizable, so you can set up Welcome Messages, Call Forwarding, and IVR.

It also allows you to record and review calls on the spot, which is a huge plus. A pretty decent, solid Telephone platform if you don’t mind not being able to use MMS and emojis.

Using CloudTalk as your central phone platform. The edge it has over the previous phone platform used is the Gorgias integration, which helps save customers by their name and find them faster.

It also gives you a notification when another agent picked up a call, which is nice. Love the sound quality in Cloudtalk, and amazed when heard how good the quality was.

If you are looking for a decent calling tool or if you are managing a team making calls, Strongly recommend CloudTalk. It has made your life very easy!

Great Tool to Call with Different Country Calls

They pick up most of your calls when you call them with their own country code. So it helped your conversion rate increase substantially.

Another very positive side is that how you can monitor sales team’s call and listen to them. Now you can measure the sales activities much more efficiently and also give feedback on their calls to improve them.

The integration with Hubspot allowed you to track work more efficiently. Having a separate business number and the benefits is that you are able to track calls for the day.

CloudTalk integration is done easily. The IVR system is well done as well, not too hard to configure and can be up and running within a few hours.

The audio quality was mostly good and can see the information you need ( lead / contact name ).

If you needed to know how many calls were done for each employee, record those calls and see who it is if the person was in your CRM which wasn’t possible with your previous solution.

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