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The Best Scheduling Tool use by Customer Service

Soon is The Best Scheduling Tool use by Customer Service. A new approach to online collaborative employee scheduling primarily used by customer service teams.

Implement self-scheduling to a degree that works best for your situation and offer your employees freedom & responsibility.

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With this structure in place, you will increase employee productivity and set your customer service department up for success while scaling up.

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It is very easy to see what times you have to work, they make use of little pictograms for every shift and somehow this gives you an instant overview of your workweek.

The Best Scheduling Tool use by Customer Service Perfectly Synchronized Scheduling

There are many things that you will like about Soon. The key aspects that are listed below:

– The fact that can build your own templates. You can customize these are very handy and result in a lot of time-saving. Also add or change these easily every time.

– Whenever adding users to or changing an event. It gives notifications to other users immediately, which is also very helpful and efficient!

– In need of help with Soon, always contact the helpdesk (Olaf) and helps a lot and a quick response time!

Besides this, if you swapped a shift or something changed within the schedule the ‘old’ assignment will still be visible for you. In this way it is easy to see what has changed.

Swapping shifts is easy and straight forward.

To all others looking for a great planning applications; this is one of the best tools! Most importantly, the helpdesk is very quick and very helpful!

Making complicated schedules, which saves time, including automate the process of sending notifications. The need of asking your supervisor or manager to swap a shift. You can all do it yourself among each other.

What the best was the layout of the interface. Very pleased at how easy it was to understand. Since everything was laid out in a simplified manner.

The Best Tool for Work or Project Management is the Invoicing Tools are Powerful

Soon‘s design, its intuition, and most importantly, their excellent customer service. Really does everything possible to satisfy its clients.

The team shows real customer empathy, is patient, has a tremendous amount of product knowledge, communicates easily, and always does it with enthusiasm.

Delighted with this product and service and recommend this to other teams looking for a better scheduling process and experience. This product reflects future scheduling and there is none in the market that beats them.

Easy and fast scheduling to your team with no hassle and less time. Enabling self-scheduling to your employees. Eliminating the use of multiple tools for scheduling. Increasing employee happiness.

The problems that are solved with Soon are tackling the workload of creating perfect schedules. Having a good overview of a time roster for a organization with many employees, multiple departments and different roles and working times within the department.

Having one application, used by every operations department ant their employees. Using this application cut at least 50% of the time spending on making the time rosters.

Possibility for self planning and collaboration within a large team. Good overview and options for management information and export of data.

Great service and cooperation. The team of Soon develops the tool in close collaboration with the users.

Employees are more involved and own their work planning. Better understanding of the process. Higher agility and faster adaptation to forecasted workload.

Easy for Everyone

The fact that both the end users and the planner have a great UX. Just contact them and let them show you what the opportunities are.

Creating a monthly schedule for your team now takes two, three hours in stead of 1 day+. Easy overview, synching with google calendar.

Very easy to use, very quick to integrate updates and suggestions, very quick response to questions, all round great app. Very easy to cancel, swap shifts and ask for leave.

You can easily see an overview of all available times etc. Advise using it normally and make use of all the insights it provides.

Nice overview of working days and hours plus visible when colleagues are working. Great high level view, complemented by clear details that you can add to each shift or event in team’s makes planning a lot easier as a manager.

Also find open shifts especially useful for team to pick extra shifts and for them to empower with some autonomy in their schedule and income. Lightweight!

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