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The Best Professional Resume Maker

VisualCV is the Best Professional Resume Maker. The #1 resume and CV builder that has helped over 3 million people make their next career move to land their dream job.

There are multiple templates available and it’s easy to import so that you can preview your info before you choose a format.

Great team and excellent customer support. Wide range of templates are available. Recommended it. VisualCV has been very helpful at letting you build a useful resume that has attracted many jobs.

An excellent tool to create a polished and impeccable resume. Great sales support. Excellent platform and customer service. Very good platform, excellent customer service. 

Create a job-ready resume in minutes. Great templates to create visually appealing CV. Easy to use. Sign up

Great templates to create visually appealing CV. Easy to use. Definitely the best platform to create your own CV was more flexible.

The simplicity of the product and world class support is why you will give VisualCV a 5 stars. The visual editor has some quirks during editing, but otherwise creates some really nice one-page résumé.

Love the templates that VisualCV has to offer. Amazing customer service too. Highly recommend.

VisualCV is very good app. Templates are simple and in brief. If you face any issues, technical team provides immediate help. Glad to have VisualCV.

The Best Professional Resume Maker Range of Services

VisualCV was created solely for creating resumes and CVs, so there no other services you will find on the website. The number of templates and resumes that you can use greatly depends on the chosen subscription.

If you are using the platform for free, you can create two resumes, but paid members may have an unlimited quantity of resumes.

The same concerns uploading files: free users can upload up to 50 of them, while paid users – unlimited quantity.

VisualCV was founded in 2007 in Canada and is quite widely used all over the world. It is a tool, which allows creating, editing, and storing CVs on the platform. 

Positive aspects of the Visualcv include:

  • Smooth design
  • A free version

You can reach the company in three different ways: by clicking the Contact Us button at the bottom of the official page, by emailing the managers or leaving a message at a devoted number.

To host the CV on a domain, you need to login to your provider and point the domain to VisualCV IP address. Make sure that the name matches the domain name authorized on the setting page.

However, this feature is only available for Pro members, and you’ll have to pay an impressive sum for it.

While regular resumes may be plain and boring, with this tool, a potential employee can add charts, photos, videos, graphs, clips, and any additional documents to make the CV brighter and complete.

The Best Professional Resume Maker is Bright and Modern

You can also add achievements as they appear without forgetting about them later. The biggest advantage of VisualCV is that this tool is bright and modern. 

  • Creative and easy-to-use editor
  • Spectacular visitors’ chart
  • Fully accessible via mobile devices
  • Free version is available
  • Exceptional extra support
  • Almost all templates include photos

 If you become a subscriber of this company, you can get access to software that has a fantastic visitors’ chart, many templates and other design elements and an interface that is a pleasure to use.

As a special surprise from VisualCV, you are able to access your account from any mobile device without limitations and you can use its services without paying a single dime. 

However, you can unblock the true powers of this software like unlimited resumes and downloading to Google Docs by choosing two of the available subscriptions.

And if they mention the exceptional extra support, the possibility of including media files in your CVs, the many sharing options, we wouldn’t be surprised if you might be thinking: why am I not subscribed to VisualCV yet.

Signing in to your account, you are not directed to your resumes, but a chart that displays the number of people who have seen and/or downloaded your resumes.

The chart only displays data if you share the link directing to your resumes via social media or email; therefore you must create as many resumes as possible.

Great Features

However, keep in mind that the number of resumes, created on a separate page and represented by tiles similar those of the latest Windows operating systems, depends on your subscription.

If you are using the software for free you can only create 2 resumes. But if you are a paid subscriber, you can create as many resumes as possible. 

Speaking of files: VisualCV allows users to not only add links to their CVs. But other files and even Youtube videos as well. Which becomes especially handy if your resume is not in printed format.

You cannot directly print your CVs from VisualCV. However, you can download it in PDF of even to Google Docs and print your resume therefrom. 

Creating a resume is extremely easy with VisualCV as you are not only allowed to draft a completely new CV. But you can copy or import existing ones as well.

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