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The Best Payment Tool for Businesses

Melio is the Best Payment Tool for Businesses that maximizes cash flow and minimizes busywork. Pay any seller using bank transfer or debit card for free even if they only accept checks

You can also use your credit card where cards are not accepted to hold onto your cash longer and earn card rewards! Accounts Payable re-invented. 

Melio automatically syncs with your QuickBooks and even mails checks on your behalf to sellers so you don’t need to cut checks anymore. Very knowledgeable, helpful and understanding.

Best customer support of any software company that have ever used running for three companies. Best ever. They reached out to preemptively making sure all was working well.

Did screen shares, double checked all your doing, followed up. Just amazing. Start Now for FREE

What a great experience! Melio representative was so patient and helpful, have issues with setting up your bank but was able to resolve it for you.

You can emailed Invoice’s out to your customers with a link to Melio and you can have your customers paying early and very happy with Melio!

Everything works as advertised and they actually provide an account rep to you. Your account rep has had great service and follow through. These days customer service is almost impossible to find and they are doing a great job!

Melio makes it very easy to pay all your distributors from one website. Their customer service is also great. Start Now for FREE

The Best Payment Tool for Businesses is Excellent Customer Service

Robert in Melio customer service was extremely helpful! Excellent! Working with Spencer Fox in Melio and your experience thus make been awesome

Also, the interactive tool was great and was proficient using it. For instance, the over all experience was great. You are getting great connection response and the exact targeted contacts you want for your business. 

Very helpful to organize vendor payments at one place. Spencer at Melio has been extremely responsive to your questions.

Melio has made collections a lot easier to track if your accounting software and ticketing systems do not provide reports when invoices were emailed, looks like it will be a time saver.

Also like that your customers have multiple options to pay and they pay a credit card fee rather than us; which allows to keep prices competitive.

Melio has been a life saver! and was able to take care of seller and contractors. Excellent touch to speak to a real person for a digital platform!

Sam in Melio was extremely knowledgeable about the product and services and understands Melio’s business model. Great job to Melio Team!

They are responsive to questions, concerns and very professional. What happen was if you have an issue with payment NOA in Melio help to solve the problem and has full knowledge of what she was explaining.

And has an excellent experience of guiding to all you have asked for in the menu and makes your payments processes easier. Highly recommended. Start Now for FREE

The Best Payment Tool for Businesses has a Simple Way to Pay and Get Paid

The ability to schedule payments to sellers far in advance. This saves your business a lot of time when it comes to end-of-month task items.

The UI is also extremely easy to understand and work around. Unlike allot of other payment processors. Melio has the ability to do Credit Cards and ACH transfers. There fees are extremely low for ACH transfers.

Melio is geared towards a small business or freelancer. Someone pay monthly royalties to educators using Melio. Save time and eliminate dual data entry with our 2-way sync with QuickBooks.

A simple online bill-pay management service tailored for accountants, bookkeepers, and their small business clients. Manage all clients’ payments from a single dashboard with one login for all client accounts. 

Pay any business bill for free. Use bank transfer or card even if vendors only accept checks. Set up a payment approval workflow, add users, and manage their roles and permissions with just a few clicks.

Overall it’s given the freedom and the recipients all flexibility to make transactions fast and convenient. Also particularly like support.

Super easy to get paid as a freelancer and your clients will love these options. Overall this platform has been a lifesaver, made the switch from Square.

How easy it is to use and the product feels very secure. It saves a lot of time, great price point, and customer service has reached you out to numerous times to tell about new functions and to check in. Start Now for FREE

Great Platform

The ease of use is incredible. Simply drop one of invoices into the software and generate a check within seconds. So much easier than writing checks by hand. Melio has saved you hours in productivity.

Able to set up payments to the very few vendors that absolutely demand being paid via ACH rather than needing to consolidate your business transactions through a software suite to make it worthwhile.

It is also incredibly affordable or free for the transactions and there has not been problems. No need to consolidate your business into a software package that locks you into renewals.

Can switch banks, accounting software, addresses etc. and Melio is just for paying bills. No need to be all things. Outside of the invoice problem can’t find fault.

The ease of use that it offers what PayPal doesn’t. Can allow you clients/customers to pay using their credit/debit card without having to create a account.

Melio has an excellent customer support and resolves any issues quickly. Highly recommended. Start Now for FREE

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