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The Best Online Time Clock for Workers

Buddy Punch is The Best Online Time Clock for Workers. A Cloud based time clock solution that pre-populates reports for payroll. Punching in & out is intuitive for your employees and easy for you to view & export time.

Above all, Employees can clock in using a browser or our Google, iOS, & Android apps. You can view who’s working, their GPS position or even limit where they can punch. Try Free

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They integrate with QuickBooks, ADP, Paychex, & SurePayroll while also offering Excel exports. Advanced features such as PTO Accrual Tracking, Punch Rounding, Job Codes, QR Codes, Automatic Breaks, & SSO are all included in our cloud based time clock.

They believe that the customer having the best experience possible with the is best for everyone. They design features with the end user in mind, with a business owner or manager at heart. The same approach is taken with customer service.

The Best Online Time Clock for Workers is Convenient, Easy and Accurate

Everyone you talk to at Buddy Punch will be experienced and able to solve whatever you’re running into.

Buddy Punch is the most user-friendly way to track time on the job. All you do is sit down, open the site, and punch in or out. Especially appreciate the time summary that’s always available.

If you walk away from work without punching out, all you do is pull up the app on your phone to take care of it. You and your personnel are allowed to test drive BP for even a short period of time, you’ll dig it, too.

Time is money and Buddy Punch reduces you time inputting info on a spreadsheet and increases your time on task.

Buddy Punch has eased the concerns of both administrator(s) and employees at Mindy Law. The function that has been most beneficial to the Office Manager would be the email contact in regards to when employees forget to clock out.

The alerts enable the office to better regulate the “punches” with accuracy in ready-time. Communication with the company has always been a positive experience thus far.

Completing payroll has been simplified through the use of Buddy Punch with their “payroll export” tool.

Recommended reaching out to the Buddy Punch consultants to view the full list of opportunities and options that would be best suited for your company.

The Best Online Time Clock for Workers has made Payroll and Scheduling much Easier

You really have not found any issues with the application itself. The GPS function at the time of punch is extremely beneficial.

When coming in contact with Buddy Punch representatives, have always felt that they were not simply selling their product.

The representatives have always gone out of their way. To communicate the most effective plans for this law practice while simultaneously choosing the cost-effective path.

Has no problem with your flexible hours as a teleworker and that it’s easy to use. Every workday, simply log into Buddy Punch, select the date, input hours and include a not on what you got done.

If your company needs a system to keep track of work hours, you recommend Buddy Punch. It works great.

All of its Great. But if you make decide on what’s best, its the support. Having access to support immediately is by far the best and not seen in many years since everything has been either outsourced or automated.

You had to ask the support if they were a robotic support and they will say no ma’am, were human. Love that you can see your totals hours for the week every single day. It keeps track of everything and they included a take a break button.

Getting your paychecks for the correct hours because buddy punch totals them up every day and always keeps track of when your working.

Ease of Use is the Key and Effective

This makes it super easy to record your hours for tax purposes. The edit portion that will have to approved by the manager to really have it edited. This helps somebody to be motivated to be on time.

The ease of use for employees and managers alike. This was what you were looking for the most in a tool. Using traditional timeclocks created unnecessary foot traffic and forgotten punches.

Mainly missed punches. The greatest benefit is clarity and true employee availability time. Much easier to discuss errors – and fix them – than traditional timeclock environment, regardless of how advanced they are.

It’s an easy program to use. Keeping track of employee hours is easy. Editing is relatively simple as well. It proves to be easy to use for scheduling, timekeeping and payroll reporting.

Setting up employees at different locations with different positions and in different departments made it very accommodating.

Ease of time keeping for payroll reporting and entering & scheduling of employees.

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