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What is the Best Cloud-Based Network Management Software?

By automating and simplifying network management, Auvik helps rocket an IT team’s efficiency and capacity while protecting the business from network risk. Real-time network mapping & inventory. What is the Best Cloud-Based Network Management Software?

Quickly discover and audit new networks. Then, stay in the loop you’ll always know exactly what’s where, even as your users & devices move.

Automated config backup & restore on network devices. Mitigate network risk with no manual effort. Deep insights into network traffic & flows. Quickly solve network bottlenecks and spot potential security vulnerabilities.

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Automated network monitoring. See and solve issues before they become big problems. Secure remote access to network devices: Manage the network from anywhere you are.

Full visibility & powerful troubleshooting features. Empower team members at all levels to resolve problems hours faster. Integrations with systems you use every day. Improve the efficiency of your team’s workflow with integrations into ticketing systems. Remote management systems. Documentation and reporting tools. Chat apps, and more.

Fast and easy to install. Deploy Auvik‘s lightweight collector in minutes. No new hardware, no onerous configuration. Vendor-neutral. Support for 15,000 devices from 700+ vendors & growing. What is the Best Cloud-Based Network Management Software?

The Best Cloud Based Network Management Software Review

Free support. They’re always there for you. Call or email them as often as you need to. Ease of integration, thorough and insightful information at a glance. Also allows the ability to search out devices easily throughout a complex environment.

Minimal downtime due to network outages and the ability to deep dive into the network to pinpoint issues. In our arena setting tracking down a random person that unintentionally is causing havoc on the network has been made much easier.

You love that Auvik has integrations with a lot of your tools (PSA, RMM, and Documentation tool). Auvik is also easy to deploy (deploy your connector, provide credentials, and scan).

Automated network maps are a huge plus. Auvik has made the troubleshooting process for network issues easier to identify, specifically when tracing down a problem to a single piece of network equipment like a switch. With Auvik, you can now see when a specific device is down vs. trying to troubleshoot from bottom to top or vice versa.

Easy Network Topology. Auvik Support. Integration with WAP technologies (Unifi, Meraki, Datto, etc.). Remote SSH and WebUI options in the cloud via the agent is very clever and makes managing network devices a lot easier.

The Best Cloud Based Network Management Software is Very Useful

Network visibility. Before Auvik is in a network you are usually weed hacking to find where things are connected, especially when remote.

Once the Auvik is turned on (with current switch, Server, and WAP, credentials added) you are able to see from a “Birds Eye View” what is on the network.

You can have used Auvik to find rogue Access Points. Random Servers find what WAPs clients are connecting to. The ease of use and good looking UI along with setup times which are very fast.

There are a handful of export options for reporting that we give to our clients. This helps with so many statistic analysis options and showing the client why they may need to upgrade some of their equipment.

Backups that are automated for most of your Cisco devices. We also do all of our monitoring and direct integration into our RMM platforms with this tool to auto generate tickets. This way our entire organization isn’t trying to monitor 3 different platforms just to stay on top of their work.

We also utilize to maps for troubleshooting and quickly seeing IPs on the devices for circuit issue identification or if there is a break in communication on the network.

Book 1on1 Demo. Useful to share. The support is also incredibly helpful and the alerting is very easy to manage or alternate.

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