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What are other questions raised about Toonly?

What are other questions raised about Toonly? This is a Page 2 Questions and there is a Page 1 Questions or you can go to Basic.

I hope this is helpful. Lets examine. What are other questions raised about Toonly?

  • Languages

Question: Supporting Arabic Language?

Answer: Yes, you will need to insert a font to use.

Question:  I want to ask can toonly support Urdu language?

Answer: You can write in different languages by uploading custom fonts.

  • Math

Question: I want to create Math’s explanation videos. Is this supports any Math’s software to type equations? For Math’s equations and formula i have to import images.

Answer: Yes, this is possible as you are able to upload custom fonts and import your own images as well! Yes that is correct for equations you will need to upload these as images. You can upload your equations as an image if you want to add them in your videos.

  • Medical

Question: Can I use them to create medical explanation?

Answer: Yes, you certainly can as we do have images related to this and you can also upload your own images for free!

If you need further clarification, feel free to contact support so we can guide you through the process or go to Basic, Page 1.

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