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Keyword Scout Overhaul Review

Keyword Scout Overhaul Review

Keyword Scout Review Overhaul. It help you decide. This platform is reliable and useful. For finding keywords that offer a range of functions with high selling potential.

The Keyword Scout function is certain as one of the best Amazon keyword tools on any platform!

This is very useful for establishing what keywords are worth pursuing. Whether different words and phrases should try to help rank better.

The lower the Ease to Rank score the more likely the phrase reaches the front page of Amazon.

Ease to Rank is like the opportunity score in the Niche Hunter feature. Using an algorithm to determine how easy your keyword will be to rank.

The closer it is to 100, the less chance it is of getting a high ranking due to stiff competition.

Keyword Scout Overhaul Review on Relevancy Score indicates how relevant the keyword is to products.

There are also recommendations and related keywords that are common searching on Amazon.

It much easier to find relevant and niche keywords to improve ranking.

This is a great tool for keyword research, giving a variety of related keywords after you search for seed keywords.

It can be especially, useful for finding new long-tail keywords related to your product.

The Giveaway field highlights the volume of discounted or free products. That might considered to help attract customers that will write reviews. 

A lot of the fields are straight-forward and easy to understand. Things like exact match search volume, indicating how many searches the keyword has received over 30 days.

Broad match search volume shows how many similar terms are search. Accounting for things like misspellings, plurals, and other spelling variations.

This is necessary to help improve ranking, as products with no reviews will smuggle to compete with similar products that do have reviews, so if you meet the recommendation you can end up with a higher ranking.

The keyword scout is a newer feature added with Jungle Scout’s recent update and it is certainly a welcome addition.


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