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iPad Point of Sale for Restaurants to make managing easier

Make managing a restaurant easier. This iPad point of sale for restaurants was designed. ๐ŸŽ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘‰Try it. Check it out. Free Subscription to know more here.

Never Leave a Table Open

Afterward, accept reservations through your own website, our web and mobile discovery apps, or Google reservations.

Maximize your revenue by optimizing floor plans and tracking guest status to turn more tables and accurately quote wait times.

Reduce no-shows with automatic SMS and email reservation reminders.

Give Guests a Tailored Experience

Meanwhile, Customize reservation notes for allergies, dining preferences, or special occasions to help turn a first-time guest into a regular.

Touchbistro Connect with guests in real-time with two-way SMS communication so they can confirm, cancel, or even let you know if theyโ€™re a little late.

Let guests curate their experience by allowing them to easily search, book, modify, and manage their reservation all through our mobile and web platforms.

Apply Insights to Drive Your Bottom Line

For instance, get a seamless integration between the POS and the reservation management platform to ensure that your FOH and BOH are working together.

Simultaneously, use advanced reporting to view your trends, average spend, and share reviews and ratings from customers. Access reporting anywhere, anytime so you can stay on top of things even when youโ€™re not
in venue.

Now, we know that you need a POS that can keep up with the pace of your business, reduce order errors, and help serve your customers faster.

Specifically, during our highest periods, we are able to turn over 176 more tables which equates to at least $2,000.00 more a night.

Other Best Tools you need and it can help you.

Connect and Collaborate to Global Influencers on this platform as follows;

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