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Human Resource (HR) Manager for Hire

Bambee is the Human Resource (HR) Manager for Hire for just $99 per month. The innovative approach to HR brings you a dedicated HR Manager to help with everything.

From written policies to terminations, an in-depth HR audit to assess your current business, find compliance gaps, and build a roadmap for fixing these gaps.

Plus a self-service portal to centrally store your HR documents AND manage electronic signatures by your employees. Bambee makes every part of the HR process easier. Try Bambee Now.

  • A Dedicated HR Manager
  • A Comprehensive HR Audit
  • HR Compliant Policies
  • Employee Onboarding & Terminations
  • Expert HR Guidance
  • Staff Training & Development
  • Work Off Your Plate & Peace of Mind!

Great help with multi-state compliance. Bambee helped become far more compliant in over 20 states and have helped develop a multi-state compliant employee handbook (and this was no small task!)

Bambee will create and maintain HR labor policies that keep you in line with State and Federal regulations.

Tons of opportunity to grow, to pivot, to adjust. All employees are equity holders! Pretty darn good transparency to what the company’s objectives are!

Executives and leadership make themselves easily accessible. Bambee is a growing company! Tons of opportunity to grow, to pivot, to adjust.

Even more, leadership is quick to affirm it, as they invest in each uniquely. Loved about Bambee was the energy that everybody had that were building something special.

Human Resource (HR) Manager for Hire Amazing Place for the Right People

How fast things moved. Get a new product up and running in a week? No problem. Change the website copy? No problem. Send out a new email campaign tomorrow? No problem.

Hire 5 new people? Great, they start Monday. Speed and thoughtful execution was the name of the game. At Bambee, you just get things done.

It makes for very energized days and zero boredom. Lots of perks. Lots of hands on engagement and high levels of ownership all around.

A focus on recognizing standout efforts meaningfully is a point of pride and practiced from the top down. Culture, Benefits, collaboration, investment, opportunity to grow and learn, candid and direct feedback.

Some of the original things that drew me to Bambee are still true for an HR Account Manager: You will learn a lot, work in the Tech industry, have some good benefits, and work with some amazing people.

Bambee hires the best HR talent. The team of associate managers (all laid off) and HR managers brings great value to the organization. The team of associate managers and HR Managers we’re great to work with.

Great coworkers and benefits enjoyed helping small businesses. It was always rewarding to see how impactful a little HR guidance could be.

While there was a lot of work. Having a new challenge almost every day was a great learning experience.

Human Resource (HR) Manager for Hire Meet Every Expectation

Amazing. So far, Bambee has met every expectation. Responses are timely and address all needed issues.

Offers excellent advice and recommendations as we’re growing your business. You have found the platform user-friendly and easy to use. Highly recommend Bambee to other small businesses.

A crystal clear courses to ensure the organization is protected and the employee is treated fairly, which is exactly what you want.

In addition, the platform is super intuitive and easy to navigate. It’s been a pleasure to work with Bambee.

Bambee have been critical in helping, navigate compliance, making sure your HR paperwork is up to snuff, and navigating difficult employee situations. 

Recommend Bambee to any startup that is in need of high-quality and cost-effective HR resources!

The HR manager Patrece from Bambee has been great to work with. She answer questions in a timely manner and is always willing to help.

There’s so much focus on engaging your customers, and making sure you’re serving them to the best of your ability. But making sure you have engaged employees, who are invested in you and in your business is just as important. 

In order to make sure your employees are engaged, performing at their best and are having their needs met, businesses need to utilize Human Resources.

Great Features

This could be HR software or hiring an HR assistant or manager. From hiring to firing and everything in between there’s quite a lot of HR related tasks which are required in every business who employs staff.

Don’t forget the potential legal implications of getting this stuff wrong!

HR software can track the lifecycle of your employees, improve their productivity and help them stay invested in your brand. 

In the US hiring a full-time HR Manager would cost around $6,000/mo or an outside consulting firm part-time would be around $200-$300/hr.

For most small businesses this isn’t in their budget. This has resulted in less than 5% of small firms having a full time HR Manager.

Bambee aims to be the solution. Providing access to experienced, objective and well trained Human Resources professionals to all sizes  and stage of business.

In this Bambee review we’re going to dive exactly what you can expect from Bambee when you sign up.

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