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How to Increase your Revenue and Customers?

Increase your revenue by connecting with clients where they are. How to Increase your Revenue and Customers? Sign up free start now to an all-in-one business messenger that teams use to talk to customers everywhere: live chat, phone, email, and social.

Above all, perfectly designed widget fits perfectly in a side panel on your website. Works on any device modern OS, browser, and mobile device is supported. In the first place, every word in the chat widget is customizable to be understandable in your local language and translated into 20 languages.

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In summary, the JivoChat widget allows you to chat with multiple visitors at the same time, which is impossible to do by phone. Similarly. the app’s features aim to boost your team’s efficiency and communication opportunities.

Accordingly, combine all your messages into one all-inclusive app. Especially, increase your orders made through mobile devices.

With JivoChat’s mobile widget, you can engage with customers who prefer to access your website through their phone.
Customers can request one-click calls or send messages to you using apps such as Facebook Messenger. This gives them the freedom to continue the dialogue with you even after they leave your website.

How to Increase your Revenue and Customers? The service works flawlessly, and customers are happy that they receive answers in seconds.

You have access to your telegram channel and Facebook Messenger, which are the main tools that you used to communicate with your clients.

It also allows you to integrate seamlessly into your website so that your clients can send you their messages from your website in a much faster and easier way.

Its installation and configuration is quite simple to do, not at all cumbersome compared to other online chat apps.

It is a software that you personally love because you can track all of the clients instantly. You can perform call routing and record calls.

JivoChat has a very friendly interface. The work teams maintain communication through Jivochat because it is easier to organize our chats and find previous conversations more easily.

It is really much easier to share documents and relevant information about our work.

Cool team and perfect service. It was a great experience to use Jivochat on our website.

You particularly like it very much because it is very professional software that allows you to communicate with all customers and colleagues.

And can integrate with social networks, email platforms, among others. Very efficiently and with incredible quality.

If you prefer to help your customers with an easy-to-use omnichannel solution, you should choose Jivochat as an excellent business messenger for your company.

The chat opens in the same window as your website without taking any unnecessary time to reload. Tested for all major mobile browsers so that your customers have flexibility in their JivoChat use.

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