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How to Grow on Youtube Channel?

How to Grow on Youtube Channel?

This is a million-dollar question. Remember nothing comes overnight, except, if your video goes viral overnight. Like this Sample Youtube Channel and had this same question about growing a channel.  But, there is a tool you can try, if you want to monetize. Lets grow your Subscribers or Views now. I did a lot of research and came up with these answers, (you might wonder if I had some answers, why the sample Channel did not grow? Well that’s really don’t have enough time to work on it. So it did not grown the youtube channel).

Now for the answer, How to Grow on Youtube Channel?

  1. The more content you post the more visibility you will have on youtube. Try and post content very regularly, like once a week if not more than that.
  2. Good content will always attract viewers. If you post just about anything then your fame will not last long.
  3. Try and focus on one particular content for your channel, this way the viewers interested in that topic will stick to your channel.
  4. Try and upload videos on the same day and time every week. This way your viewers will always wait for your videos and give your channel a following.
  5. Always at the start or end of your videos remind the viewer to subscribe to your channel.
  6. Use Youtube tools to add annotations of other videos on your channel, or a link to subscribe to your channel.
  7. Always add proper keywords and tags while uploading a video. This will help you in search.
  8. Showing yourself in front of the camera will generate more user interaction on the video. People tend to see videos more where they can see the person who is talking.
  9. Search for a topic that is not saturated on Youtube and try to make videos on that topic. This way you will have a head start rather than being in the snail race of tech channels (just an example).
  10. Make your videos more interactive by asking your viewers to give their suggestions on your video, or ask them for topics on which they want you to make the next video or ask them questions and tell them to answer in the comment section.
  11. Be more interactive, by replying to your comments and resolving the viewers doubts if any.
  12. Share your videos every time you upload a new one on all your social media accounts. Ask your friends to like your videos and share on their channel.
  13. Share your video link on the relevant Groups or Pages on Facebook. This way you could reach the entire group at once.

Hope these points prove helpful to you for growing your channel. These are just some points that I have discovered along my journey while trying to grow my own channel. But as mentioned earlier, I could not find enough time to upload new content on my channel regularly. These are only things that should be kept in mind while growing your youtube channel, but still there is no sure shot formula to it.

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