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CRM + Email Power Tools entirely inside Gmail

CRM + Email Power Tools entirely inside Gmail. It can be used to track sales, partnerships, support, hiring, deal flow, and much more.

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I forgot how I came across this tool, but this is by far may favorite for building and managing business (Sales Nav account and lead search is a close second! You can do boolean searches!!!).

Using the free version of Streak to track project stages. It works fabulously for those who do most of their work in Gmail.

It’s easy to use, the colors are helpful, and the visuals to see where you are in terms of ALL the projects is great.

Like someone else wrote in their review, it would be prudent for Streak to NOT forget the small companies and to keep a price structure that includes a bracket that is aimed at the small business category.

CRM + Email Power Tools entirely inside Gmail. I’m rating this extension a 4 for now because I think they have room to grow in order to perfect the product.

Currently using the Free version to manage projects, sales, logistics, and a social media editorial calendar. The features for the Free version are great. It is not 100% smooth-sailing, but there is so much you can do with this CRM.

The row v. box view is handy. I’d love to be able to customize the field layout on the form (box) view a bit more – line breaks, etc. Otherwise, it makes data entry quick and easy.

I really like the Contacts link up, but can’t wait for that to be developed a bit more. There is no easy way to see all of your contacts in the system right now. I do like that I can do a back-end import though so everyone I need will be there when I need them.

The price jump to the paid version is a bit high when you have to consider the cost for each user. That causes us to use some clunky workarounds to keep the Free version.

We just started using Zapier integrations to auto-create tasks and that is pretty amazing. Again, we hit up against the price wall though where we have to pay to get beyond the few free zaps/month. It is a really cool tool though and for those with the budget, I highly recommend it!

Desktop = awesome. App = not so much.

Overall, I would definitely recommend Streak!

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